Is there a manual?

There was quite a lot of flack (not flac) over WL7 not having a hard copy manual. I lived with it.

But is there a big, phat, juicy, hard copy manual to take to bed with this new v6 of Cubase?

Too bad. I understand that printing (and shipping) cost of a printed manual is a natural first cut in our ever increasingly screen oriented society. But it’s disappointing. I spend all day looking at the screen while I’m working. I looked forward to NOT looking at the screen when I read the manual. The thought of getting information from hours of videos is not this old geezer’s idea of a good time.

Print out the PDF then.

At least it could have been a option to buy it. A printout on A4 laser is not that practical if dont have a machine that do the binding.

I think there are shops that can do just that…

Binding: Go to your local library and ask who does their rebinding of old books.

OTOH. I’ve got four or five Cubase manuals and I really don’t need one for every release as I hardly ever open the boogers. As 90% remains the same all you have to do is print & bind the new bits.

[pedant]Flak. With just a “k.” Abkurzung (abbreviation) for FLug Abwehr Kanone. Anti-aircraft cannon.[/pedant]

In reality,

for most of us it will be a very big book weve already got 2 or 3 times with C5 or C4, with an additional 15-20 pages of additional content we probobably would of worked out any way. and besides its a S**t load of trees. and maybe this could lead to lower prices. i doubt it,… but well it could :slight_smile:

Video tutorials,… now thats really cool. video tutorials… yeah its the future :sunglasses:

Like the OP, I also prefer having a printed paper manual, professionally bound. Yes, the pdf can be printed, but this won’t get you the result wanted because of the format used in the pdf - or you get a very expensive one-off. If Steinberg decides not to deliver a paper manual, why on earth is the size of the pdf not regular A4 (even letter would do)?

Now the issue is no biggie for me with Cubase, since I have the very good C5 manual to use as reference. The issue with Wavelab 7 is much bigger since the difference is much, much bigger between v.6 and v.7 - and a potential big new user group in the Mac domain…

Luck, Arjan

This is what iPads are for.

Agreed. I’ve been using Cubase for a long, long time and I can’t imagine the horror a first-time user would feel trying to use Cubase without a manual. Maybe the PDF reference is enough … I don’t know, but there really should be an option to get a printed manual like the one in C5 and earlier.

In the case of WL7, it’s almost like a different application compared to WL6. It’s conceivable that there will at some point in the future be a radically new Cubase UI as well, and the same will apply.

y’know, as i read it, i gotta agree with that.

Me ill be fine. ill get by with past manuals an a little bit of exploratory trial and error as ever. Video tutorials are always interesting. i like that. Its great to have as something to look at, maybe learn a thing or two.

But i cant imagine for one second been a first time user without one of those big old books.

Although I agree with you in principle, the two column format sucks on my Kindle DX and a friends Color Nook.

… and some pages removed due to features being deleted

i said here in earlier posts i thought video tutorials basically beats a book…

just to say,… i was well wrong. i think those video clips are mind numbing. id rather figure it out…

Aloha goddfodder,

I agree.

Most video tuts I’ve seen approach from one of two directions:

1- Technical, accurate and geeky.
2-‘I’ve been on the road with you in roach infested hotels’ musiciany.

We need both but I prefer #1 on paper or pdf and #2 in videos.


I can’t believe Steinberg is not sending a printed manual.
Today I received my copy of Cubase 6 (upgrade from Cubase 5) and … surprise: no manual.

I would have spent even 20€ more to buy it.
I’ve called the phone support and they confirmed there is not possibility to receive it.
Too bad.

Today I’m a disappointed Cubase user.

Thing is, if you checked my bookmarks youd find a comprehensive collection of DAW related tutorial clips on any given subject. Im well into these things and as someone whose gotten into the world of music without really having anyone to ask, along with those big old books, i find such video tutorials a really important part of my education. Native Instruments, for example, do many good ones. One tackles say, as an example, how to set up your Outputs for Kontakt 4. but there’s a series of like 6 clips just on KontaKt. Little nuggets of information on a specific topic you can look up. You know exactly what each tackles and each little topic is there in detail.

This in comparison, how to use Cubase 6 (even divided up in the way it is), is simply to big. compared to the neat little NI efforts, its like comparing a Pretzels advert to Lord of the Rings extended addition directors cut. ( A film which offers a good overview of an impossibly detailed book). My point, They should have released like hundreds of smaller clips with a clip covering each function or VST. As is, any topic you wanted to find youd have to sit through a while of unrelated stuff only to get to a too vague quick overview of what you wanted anyway.

All this would be fine, i guess, but instead of a book… yeah that’s no replacement.

one last thing, but i think you might only be able to view the clips through downloading an Apple Quickview. I don’t want that software on my computer. Its not great on pc. This should even be on YouTube etc & easy to access.

Im seriously loving C6 over here. But with regard those tutorials. well this is my view…

The PDF manual looks GREAT on an iPad using a good PDF reader app (like GoodReader). It also looks pretty good even on my iPhone, small screen and all (and I can read it pretty well, even at 52). And a phone is much easier to carry arround than a book.

It’s a new era - ADAPT! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: