Is there a method to convert audio to midi in real time?

I stumbled across a video of a guitarist using some default reaper feature to convert his guitar playing into midi in real time.

Audio to MIDI Converter in REAPER (Guitar to MIDI) - YouTube is the video if you are interested.

There are some plugins that are available with similar functionality and I am aware of extracting midi from audio in Cubase.

But is there away to trigger midi from an audio source in real time? It would be great to play padshop or retrologue with my guitar. :smiley:


I’m sorry, there is no real-time plug-in for this in Cubase.

Thanks for the response. Wish there was though. Would be super cool to have.

Try the free demo of Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2. The demo is a standalone program but the full version comes with a VST plugin that you can use in Cubase.

Thank you for taking the time to link me to this. I came across this also and this is what I’ll be getting.

I was just checking to make sure that Cubase didn’t already have the feature. There have been instances before when I bought a plugin / instrument and then realized Cubase already came with that feature. It irks me when that happens as I like to keep my palette minimal.