Is There A Midi Collapse Mode In Cubase?

I’m new to Cubase and am trying to see if there is a feature for the Midi Editor that is relative to the Logic feature called “Collapse Mode”.

The goal is, when in the editor, to only see the notes that have midi data on them. So if I only played 3 notes, I don’t have to see all the notes on keyboard. It just minimized the amount of rows to only show the 3 notes I played.

I’ve attached a couple screen shots of what this function looks like in Logic. The before picture has a red arrow pointing to the button to active collapse mode.

Thanks in advance!



This feature is unfortunately missing in Cubase.

Ok got ya. Thanks for the response

MIke D

This is only available in the Drum Editor, which is where you would usually use that feature anyway.

Thanks Roman, I did know of the feature present there, but thank you for taking the time to respond and point it out

Mike D

Be aware, you can show the Note length even in the Drum Editor since Cubase 9 (or 8.5?).

Hey Martin, did you mean note length?

Yes, sorry, autocorrection… :slight_smile: I fixed it in the post. :wink:

It would be a great and highly useful feature to have in other MIDI editors as well, not just the Drum Editor. For patches that have articulation changes that are far above or below the actual note range, for one of many examples. This is a great feature request!

I agree with this.
Hopefully SB will include this functionality in other MIDI editors in future updates.