Is there a midi module in HALion 4 for..CC to midi notes ?

In my composer i do have 8 custom controller automation lanes
I do want use this for articulated sounds in Halion 4

I can assign a midi controller 20 (number) in Halion 4 in the key switch remote midi module to try to control a straight (saxsound) expression
Than with midi learn a assign this to the controller in my composer ( a fader with values 0…127 )
I can draw a controller line for the straight(name articulated sound) controller in the composer, but i need to control a keyswitch sound ( midi message: note on/off ) in HALion 4 with this composer controller.

So i must convert the controller values to a note on and note of value
Is this possible in HALion 4 ?


FREE MIDI CC to MIDI Note Converter

Here’s a multiscript for KONTAKT 4 that can trigger keys–and keyswitches–via MIDI CCs. That way instead of having to hold down cumbersome keyswitches while you play, you can just use MIDI CCs instead.

Basically, you can take a CC #, like 1 (mod wheel), and then select the destination channel (including options of all channels at once, or route it directly from whichever MIDI channel the CC data is coming from to the same output MIDI channel). Then you can select which key you want it to hold, while the MIDI CC # is over half-way up. When the MIDI CC # is back down, it’ll release the note.