Is there a MIDI phrase sampling tool in Cubase?

Not an arpeggiator, but a phrase sampler. The idea would be to open a midi file, or drag and drop onto a plugin. The MIDI phrase could then be triggered by C3 for instance. Does this exist in Cubase?


StepDesigner could do something like this. Apart from the part, it cannot import MIDI phrase, so you would need to create it in the the StepDesigner.

Or you can use Chord Pads. In the Show/Hide Player Stup, set the Player Modes to the Pattern. Then you can Import MIDI Loop. But this has other limitation… All trigger MIDI Notes would play the very same MIDI Pattern (just transposed).

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I worked out a way to do this with Groove Agent (full version).

Not home at the moment so not sure if it is
also possible with the SE version?

I see you guys aren’t Cubase Youtube subscribers. Check this

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I see you didn’t read the question.

This is what it does, watch it again. Exactly what you asked for. Your welcome.

No. It doesn’t. Is it really that hard to read 4 sentences?
“The MIDI phrase could then be triggered by C3 for instance.”

Please refer to Groove Agent manual 5.0.30
Page 59 has a solution… GA is very powerful! :astonished:

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Yes, this looks like it may do the trick. It does accept MIDI drag and drop onto the pads. I’ll have to experiment with it to see how well it handles playback on non-percussion instruments. Thanks :slight_smile: