Is there a midi remote mapping for the "selected tracks volume"?

I can do it for the gain of any track I select, but what about the actual track volume (to move the faders in the mixer view)?


Yes, in the Selected Track folder, you can find Volume. It cannot be easier.

Yea that’s what I thought, but it didn’t work. The slider on the track didn’t move when I moved the fader on my hardware. Does the cc have to be blank on it?


The MIDI CC is equal to the one the hardware sends out.

Still not working for me. I chose an empty midi cc slot on my monogram creative console, added the fader, then assigned it to selected tracks volume. Please see screenshots @Martin.Jirsak

Do you have the Mapping Assistant open or the surface in Edit mode when you are trying to test it ?

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I thought I did, and it wasn’t working for 2 days. But now it is. The mysteries of Cubase…

Thank you!

I meant that the Mapping Assistant window needs to be closed, and the surface not in Edit Mode, for your controller to affect the DAW. :roll_eyes:

I have run into this exact issue, and for the life of me cannot figure it out. I had it working somehow, then accidentally right clicked on a track and clicked on “Pick for remote mapping” That’s when it all went to hell. I have tried all of the trouble shooting methods on this page so far. Usually it will map to only the track that is selected in the project at the time, not globally.
I’ve tried assigning the controller to different mid channels, even different open CC values. I’m at a loss and pulling my hair out.

Please help.