Is there a more efficient way of auditioning presets?

I wonder if there’s a way of going through preset just by navigating with up/down arrows, automatically selecting the preset — instead of having to double-click or highlight+Enter to activate the preset. This applies to Halion, Padshop, etc

The way Media Bay in VSTs currently operates seems highly inefficient given the number of presets available.

In Groove Agent SE, I’m able to audition instruments (e.g. kick drums) by moving the arrow up/down with no need to actually activate the selection.

Any ideas? Thanks!

If you click on the Preset field in an Instrument Track’s Inspector it will let you browse them without needing to Load them. It can be a bit fussy about keeping the Window open through stuff like mouse movement, although that seems better in 13.

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Thanks @raino !
Do you mean browsing presets on the track itself (project view left side menu)? I.e. not in the Halion/Padshop window itself?