Is there a "One Go" way to assign Tracks Out to a Multi Timbral Instrument

Hi All,

I wonder if there is a way to assign the Output of multiple selected MIDI tracks (1-16 for example) to a given Software Multi Timbral Instrument loaded into the Rack in ONE GO? Currently I have to select each MIDI track and assign its MIDI Output to that common Instrument. I tried to select all tracks in question and set the Instrument Output but only the top track is assigned to that Instrument.
Any tips are welcome!

There is a quick link/grouping feature for selected tracks - hold shift and alt - as you select outs.
Have done only on audio tracks, but assume doing that as you select midi destination works too.

Works with many operations while mixing too, moving faders and similar.

Shift+Alt - COOL! Thanks a lot for that tip!