Is there a place where we could register 'bad VST3 behaving plugins'

Today I installed versions 1.0.5 of Korg Wavestate Native and 1.0.4 of Korg Opsix Native plugins.
Unfortunately these versions have no fix for what I call a bug :
Korg product documentations write that with a midi PC we can select a preset from an internal 128 slots bank, but the VST3s do not interpret midi PC. I asked for a fix in version 1.0.0, months ago.

Here is an extract of an exchange I had with Wavestate product manager today on FB :

I finally tested and nothing has been fixed ![:cry:

It’s written in the doc but still not working: impossible to change the current program from active Set List using midi PC when used as a VST3 plugin inside Cubase 12 on Windows 11.

Korg Product manager (Dan Phillips)
We’ve discussed this before. Program Change works with AU, because it directly supports MIDI; it does not currently work with VST3, because VST3 does not directly support MIDI. As I mentioned to you last time, it’s on our list of things to address, but it’s not straightforward.

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