Is there a possibility to partly hide staves?

Is there a possibility to begin a new shown staff in the midst of a score?
Like in the attached image, that in the C part there is only the singer part and in the D part there is an instrumental part too.
I think I can do it using several flows, but I’d like to know if it is possible to do this in a single flow.
Thank you

Yes. Layout Options–Vertical Justification–Hide Empty Staves.

The empty staff will exist from the beginning of the flow, it’ll just be hidden.

Thank you very much!
(Just a correction: it’s not “vertical justification” but “vertical spacing–staff visibility” (just under vertical justification) )

You can hide any staff with a System Break. Select the Break and press Enter. You will need to ‘Show’ the staff again with another Break.

NB: This method can hide staves even if they have music.