Is there a preference to have Quantize settings load up differently for every different consecutive project?

I do a lot of sessions, back-and-forth, all day for my work, and a problem I have is that Cubase doesn’t load up the quantize settings used in the individual consecutive projects after you’ve loaded up the first one – it instead loads up whatever the quantize settings were in the previous project it had loaded. Is there a preference I’m missing that will remedy this? It’s one of those little things that would make a big difference for me in my work flow.

That is one of my biggst annoyances with Cubase. I use the notepad window to mark my quantise settings in projects, but it’s inconvenient and I sometimes forget to do it. This should be pretty easy to fix, Steinberg! How about it?

Agreed. I often having very detailed quantize settings with swing and randomize, etc., that I use globally or as a starting point on an individual project. I’m going to put a Feature Request in, in 5 minutes - can you support it?