Is there a pro controller for Cubase?

Wondering if there was a really well built controller for Cubase?

I have tried both M Audio Axiom and Novation gear and frankly they both felt cheap and plasticky.

I am looking for something which feels very well made, good faders, top of the range, that can handle both Cubase and most of the pro VSTs like Spectrasonics, East West, Kontakt, Halion etc without the need for set up or wrappers?

Does such a thing exist?


no google where you live?

Not here :wink:

Is there action good? They all look good in pics and write ups. What is the best?

action is in the fingers of the beholder.

SO, its nothing to do with the technology then? I did not know that.

What is a PRO controller? Where to draw the line (as there are many controllers out there)?

Avid Artist series.


Thanks for the replies

Don’t forget to check out the new X-Touch

Behringer and “pro” are incompatible.

As a matter of fact, it’s forbidden to bring Behringer stuff into my homestudio. :smiley:

Ok, I did a bit of research, frankly I have found nothing suitable.

I had a Novation Mk VI and this insisted on wrapping all my vsts, cluttering VST files etc, and had a tiny screen . Felt plasitcky.

I think I shall wait for a while and see what happens. Maybe some tablet software?

I dont yet have confidence that any controller has the right software, but then I am paranoid after having my fingers burnt so many times.

ext time I am in Digital villageI shall checkout their display

Thnaks for the replies folks


I use an MCMIX with Cubase and it works really well. The Remote Editor inside every plugin makes it easy to custom build layers of controls.

Buy with confidence! (If you check the second hand marker you can often find used MCMIX and MCControl. Beware of the V1 MCControl, there are several reasons why they made a version two).


I just ordered a Focusrite Control 2802.

It is of corse much more in addition to a DAW controller, inc 8 pre-amps, 32 input/analogue summing mixer etc…

But it is Pro though :mrgreen:

Looks good ibm

SSL Nucleus
I sold my Avid Mix to buy the Nucleus. Avid feels like cheap plastic IMO