Is there a problem with Articulation Lanes and E Maps?


I’m starting to get a grip with creating Expression Maps in C Pro 8 and using Expression Maps with a couple of String Libraries (8Dio Adagio Violins and Cellos). Once I have played and recorded a part using my Midi Keyboard or programmed Notes via Mouse, playback of the part does not always playback identically each time and I am wondering why?

Firstly, when I’m not using an Expression Map and when using Keyswitches (Kontakt 5.4.3), drawing them on the Key Editor’s Piano Roll, playback of my recorded parts always sound correct. Its when I load the expression map into the Key Editor and use the Articulation Lane where the problem occurs. Sometimes on playback, the first note doesn’t sound as it should, for example, if I use a slur patch, the slur sometimes does not slur and other times it does). I’m just wondering if I am doing something wrong or whether there is a problem with using the Articulation Lane because its painstaking having to constantly look up what Keys are assigned to the Keyswitches rather than just looking at the Articulation Lane and seeing which Articulation I want to use.

Any help would be great! Thanks


There was/(is?) a problem with articulations in Expression Maps not always triggering. But there is a workaround that is pretty easy. In your expression map put a dummy empty articulation in the first top slot. For maps you already have just add a new slot, don’t set it to do anything and then drag it up to the top of the list.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I got reading your post Raino. However, after trying this workaround out, it’s still happening. Not quite as frequently so that’s a positive thing! I have messaged 8Dio to ask them if they know of any problems. Creating an Expression Map and using Articulation Lanes are (in my opinion) one of the best features of Cubase and hope this can be sorted out. I’m just wondering if there are any Midi Settings I may have incorrectly switched on that is making this happen. I would be interested to know if anyone else using 8Dio Adagio Strings with C Pro 8 are or have experienced this problem.


Ok, after trying your workaround on a couple of different Expression Maps I decided to change the Articulation Type to Direction (not Attribute) within Expression Map Set up and then I drew (in the Articulation Lane) a little bit before the first Articulation and it seems to have sorted this first note note playing correctly.

Here’s a photo to show what I am banging on about (The bit in Black is the little bit I drew before the first Articulation).

I’ve tried this so far on 2 different Expression maps and all is working. Thank you Raino!

Yeah, that looks like what I’d expect. In general articulations that are triggered by keyswitches are going to be Direction and not Attribute because the KS is saying play it like this until another KS says to play it differently. Where an Attribute is tied to a specific note and only effects that note. None of the VSTi’s I use (not that I have a huge collection) need Attribute articulations, although there must be some out there where they make sense. Perhaps someone can describe situations where Attribute articulations get used.

Well, I really appreciate your help Raino. In order for the first note to play properly I have to have the dummy Keyswitche plus the little bit drawn in before an articulation and it has to be the same articulation as the first one. Otherwise the first note doesn’t always play back properly. Yes, I would like to know more about the use of Attribute as well!

Thanks for the dummy articulation tip! Man! I was going crazy for days with the Maps! That should be written in the Manual!

By the way, it’s time to fix it, Steinberg, ain’t it?