Is there a problem with the Timecode Ruler?


I seem to be having a dilema with the Timecode ruler. I have a video clip with Timecode burnt in. It reads 00:00:00:00 at the beginning. All good.

When I import it into Cubase, I then put the cursor at bar 1 and then “Set time code at cursor”. I then type 00:00:00:00. Perfect its all synced. The Time display, Video player, Primary Time Display and Secondary Time display on Transport panel (including up the top with tools etc) are all working and in sync. The Bars and Beats Ruler and Timecode ruler all display correctly and when I nudge by one frame, it certainly nudges by 1 frame. Now…

When I move everything to bar 9 (as I hate starting anything on bar 1) The Timecode Ruler is not correct. Obviously when I moved everything to bar 9 (using snap to bar), with the cursor at bar 9, I then went back to “Set time code at cursor” and typed 00:00:00:00. Everything is all synced together except for the Time code ruler. With the cursor still on bar 9, I press the Nudge by 1 frame key and it certainly is not on Frame 1 and is on Frame 1.30. I then nudge back 1 Frame and cursor is on 0.30. And then one more nudge and its on - Everytime I nudge by a frame, all other displays are in sync and correct. I don’t understand how at Bar 1, everything is fine and the Timecode ruler is fine. But it isn’t when everything gets moved to Bar 9.

I am working with Video footage that is at 23.98. I have checked on import (and many more times) that the "Get from Video’ button has been clicked and there are no error/mismatch messages.

Here are two photos. Photo 1) is a screenshot of all Displays etc at bar 1. Photo 2 is at bar 9.

Photo 1 (Bar 1): -

Photo 2 (Bar 9): -

I do apologise if this is user error ( 9 times out of 10 it is) and not done something correctly but have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is.

Thanks for any help!