Is there a project-wide "track armed" indicator like other DAW's?

I’ve found myself getting in the dirty habit of needing to scroll across all my tracks to make sure I don’t have any MIDI tracks armed when I want to work on something. Is there some sort of visual indicator I can enable in the header or otherwise that lets me know when I have an armed track? Other DAWs have this and I didn’t realize how useful it was until I couldn’t find it.

To be clear, I’m looking for a global indicator, similar to the automation “R” “W”, etc…


  • Sean

no there is not such button.

the workaround would be to put all your tracks in a folder track, then you could toogle on/off for all your tracks at once

If I understand your request correctly (disable record on all tracks?) you can use the Project Logical Editor to carry this out. I then have this in a macro which I control from Metagrid but could be assigned to a keyboard short-cut.

Hi all

I agree, PLE is the way to go for this

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks for the tips. I appreciate the help!