Is there a public master list of reported bugs?

Is there a public master list of reported bugs that haven’t been registered?

What do you mean by “haven’t been registered?” I guess the public list would be the “issues” forum?

We only hope that Steinberg looks at this forum, we have no list of bugs, they have.

A "“list of bugs” is really over simplification of the paradigm.

Yes, be assured paid Steinberg employees do look.

There is a system like data base that lists and tracks all known issues. If you are interested, apply to become a beta tester. That gives access to some, but not all issues. It really is a bit more “involved” than what I think most users realize.

I’ll add that it is very helpful for users to list in detail their computer specs.

If it’s a bug, and needs confirmation, usually the best method is to list a detailed step by step reproduction leaving absolutely nothing to question. This way, other users plus Steinberg, can verify or deny. Even using the proper Cubase nomenclature helps. For example, it’s the Project page, Drum editor, lower zone sample editor etc. Its probably not what another DAW calls it.

Pics and movies always help.

Unfortunately a lot of posts, even in issues, is sometimes not made clear. The better clarity, the more people will respond. Language, culture, can make it harder barrier to overcome.

Also, priority has to be given to the “worst” issues. Is it an issue many users encounter? And always keep in mind some of the most basic or simple bugs…or even key command requests, can be the most difficult to implement. How many times do I read “how hard is it to fix…or just add…” and yes, sometimes it’s very involved. A genuinely simple add or simple fix usually is addressed quickly.

Double post. Wasn’t cubases fault.