Is there a quick way to check for clipping in The Montage

I’m just moving over from waveburner to Wavelab. In Waveburner I could quickly check an entire CD project for overload and max peaks. I could also look in a list and see the max level of each track.

I can not find a way to do that in the montage workspace I see that I can do it one track at a time from the audio files workspace, but that is time consuming and it seems to me that a sophisticated program like this must have a way to check for clipping over an entire CD quickly.

Chas Ferry

A montage is a complex structure, with real time effects here and there, possible sub-montages, etc.
If you want to get some stats on the whole montage, the best is to render it to a single temporary audio file and check that file.
You could also setup a batch process and use the Audio Analysis plugin to get some stats, without actually producing a new file.

Can you tell me how to set up a audio Analysic batch process or point me to the spot in the manual or a video


Hello California,

Would the monitor file render feature work, or would that be excessive creation of files for the sake of determining peaks output?

Why not try Loudness Meta Normaliser.

  1. Click Audio Montage output (make sure Clips and Master section output are not selected)
  2. set Match specific loudness
  3. set Loudness to 0.00 LUFS
  4. set reference to Loudness of audio montage mixdown
  5. set Limit digital peaks
  6. set Maximum peak to 0.00dB
  7. Click apply

If the montage is overpeak, the Master Volume slider under the Effects tab in the Montage window will show a negative number, which means you have peaked over 0.

This may seem complex, but you need to do settings 1 to 6 only once, then you can save them and in future you would only have to click Apply to test your montage. That’s quite quick.

Another way is to render the montage to a temporary audio file, and to perform a Global Analysis on that file.