Is there a reason Halion SonicSE3 CC#s for internal quick controls are in a nonsensical order?

Why is the default like this? is there a particular reason?

QC 1 = CC74
QC 2 = CC71
QC 3 = CC73
QC 4 = CC72
QC 5 = CC75
QC 6 = CC76
QC 7 = CC77
QC 8 = CC78

You can set them to whatever you want.

But those midi cc are:

  • filter cutoff
  • resonance
  • attack
  • release
    The rest are sound controllers.

Quick controls of Steinberg instruments also often target those controls. First 4 quick controls for filter and amp, the other 4 usually for fx.

okay, so it’s based off MIDI standards which is what I figured.

hopefully one day there will simply be 2-way communication of what is being sent to what and it will just auto-rename the CC. (MIDI 2.0 can do this).

because for many of the Halion instruments, it’s just no relevant.

Would you suggest that I switch it to an “empty” CC controller like 51-58, or 21-28, to avoid future conflict?

I guess they had to choose something as default. And it’s only relevant when using as standalone. In Cubase your track quick controls setting takes over.

Unless you playback a midi file in standalone mode you shouldn’t run into any midi cc conflict.