Is there a reason to limit midi remote pads to send CC but no PC?

Curious about this because I want to send commands (record, play, macros, etc…) with my ‘trigger pads’ and in midi sending commands is often sending PC ?
Or I am missing something in midi remote ?

No, the midi remote doesn’t handle program change messages.

Usually, controllers let the user map their controls to other type of midi messages, most of the time, we tend to use CCs for DAW usage.

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What is strange is that when we need to select a preset in a VSTI, in 80% of them, we send a midi PC from our controllers …
Why not allowing to handle midi PC in midi remote is a total mystery which seems more related to a dev obscure decision. Someone at Steinberg do not like midi PC ;).
Dommage because midi PC are extremely easier to manage than midi CC carrying a value and more adapted to single commands as Record, Stop, Forward, Rewind which do not need a complementary information
I see here that I am not the only one to complain for this.