Is there a redo limit?

I just had a weird issue. Without getting into reasons why, I had to go back and undo several dozen edits on some audio, but when I tried to redo back to where I started, I was only able to get about 3/4 of the way and my edit history list ended. Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many redo’s you can make? Im my case it seems undo is unlimited, but not redo.


No, there is no limit. You should be always able to go back to the point, where you started Undo. Can you see the list in the Edit > History? Can you just click to the very last item?

No. That’s my point. The list only went about 3/4 the way back to where I started. Then nothing. Like it just forgot. Not a big deal, but knowing this now, I’ll not do it again. Just FYI for anyone else. And in case this is some kind of bug or malfunction.

Was it Undo/Redo in theProject window or MixConsole?

Project window. And using Edit/History. I regularly use undo/redo, just not this much at once. If I have some time this week, I’ll try and re-create the issue.