Is there a reference design or SDK available?


I’m trying to find out if there’s a hardware reference design available or SOC/FPGA/MCU that has the Cubase driver ready to go. I have a project that will stream 16 channels of audio using a USB interface to a PC or MAC.

Since I’m new to this forum, I would appreciate some help. I’m looking for a quick solution without needing to develop a custom driver. However, if this is the only way, then I will need a resource that can write the driver for me. Maybe there are some developers on this forum that can help me out.

Thank you…


Here’s an update.

I have found a single chip solution by TC Applied Technologies. The chip is a TCD3020. I’m trying to find if there’s an ASIO driver already integrated with the solution. I have a call into support. If anyone has more information about the driver with the chip, please let me know.