Is there a reference for popover commands?

I like using the popover menus very much, but it’s not always easy to guess which commands are recognized. For example, “b” in the keys popover means “B minor” whereas “1b” means “F major (1 flat)”. Or “end” in the bars popover means “repetition end”, not “end of score”. Or how do I enter an alla breve meter (dashed C) in the meter popover?

Is there a reference of some kind of all the popover shortcuts and their meanings?

You can enter alla breve by typing “cutc”, for key signatures you can use C# for C sharp major, Ab for A flat major…

But I agree a reference list would be very helpful.

I have been working on just such a reference list and I hope I will get it finished in the next day or two, at which point we will publish it here and link to it from the FAQ, as well as incorporate it into the web help.