Is there a secret to creating new tracks in a folder and having them go where you want them?

Inside folders, when I select the track I want to create a new one right under, the new one always gets created at the end of the whole project, which is mind-bogglingly bad in a huge session. Is there something I’m doing wrong that makes this happen, and if so what do I need to do to get it to do what it should, which is to create any new track directly under the one I currently have selected?

Please note: I’m talking about creating new tracks inside folders.

For me it always gets created below the currently selected track - even when in a folder.

Huh! Interesting – I wonder why that’s not the case here for me.

Hi all

Yup same here, if I right click and add track it adds it below the track I currently have selected. However if I import a track, which I do often, as I have instrument tracks saved and ready to go, then it always puts it at the end of the project.

Best Regards, Dave

Cool, thanks for the responses. Something must be amiss on my setup.