Is There a Short Cut To Close The Key Editor?

I’ve set up a Key Command to open the Key Editor, [in addition to double-clicking], but can’t find a way to close it other than the standard mouse click up at the top right window corner.
There isn’t an option in the Key Commands to set up that I can see.

Anyone find another way?

While we’re at it, any other way to short cut to ‘Recent Projects’, other than File>Recent Projects?


Enter? :slight_smile:

Standard Windows short cut to close a window is CTL+W, or ALT+F4.

Right but you have to make sure the Key Editor Window has focus first.

Ok thanks Buds, I’ll try these out.

That works here as well.

In fact once the track is ‘selected’, I can ‘toggle’
back and forth (in and out) just by using the ‘return’ key.

Good Luck!