is there a shortcut key to load Audio input and disable it

I’m still running the demo of Wavelab 9 (Wavelab 7 user), but there is one thing which is really annoying with Wavelab 9,

to get any audio input, you have to insert the Audio Input plug in, but to play the audio just recorded, you have to Remove the plug in, and this gets tedious when doing lots of multi sampling, but I cannot find any short cut keys to do these two actions,

is there an easier way to switch between getting audio in and then editing it (playing it back) ?

thanks - Andy

Why not using the record dialog, rather than the audio input plugin?

OK, that does work OK, in fact that is how I expected it to work - like Wavelab 7, but it didn’t work when I first installed Wavelab 9, there was no transport bar showing after installing it, and the only way I could get any audio in, was through the audio input plug in - I just assumed that was how Wavelab 9 worked.
Now the transport bar is showing, I can make it work like Wavelab 7
thanks - Andy