Is there a simple way to make these minor 69 chord symbol variations?

The chord symbols in these images are from Sher Music’s New Real Book Vol . 3.

Is there a simple way to make them in Dorico? As far as I can tell, the answer is “no.” It would require editing a glyph.

I’d want to omit the “add” and to have the option of using a triangle instead of MA7.

If this isn’t currently possible, then consider this a feature request.




Not to diminish your request in any way, the first chord could more simply be represented as E/D.

No - E/D would not include an F-natural, which is called for in a minor 6/9.

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I would never play an F natural in a D minor 6/9, but you’re right, the scales would be different.

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But first, have you checked your chord symbol presets in Engraving Options?

Yes, I did, before posting. Just wondering if I missed something.

Hmmm, I do think there might be some sort of bug here, for me anyway. If I type this in the popover …

… I get this result with these settings:

I’m not sure where the #7 is coming from here as I don’t have that selected as an option. In any case, this seems to be as close as I can get. I would then just edit this chord suffix to appear the way you prefer.

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Thanks for confirming, @FredGUnn!

I typed the same thing in the popover and got a similar result, but without parentheses. (In Engraving Options, I chose “do not use parentheses” and have the triangle selected: Cm∆.)

If it’s a bug, then please fix it, Dorico team!

BTW, when I double-click the symbol after adding it, the popover reads “Dm6/9add#7”.

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