Is there a solution to these annoyances??

Have a few issues I was wondering if there is a solution or preference setting for:

  1. When I copy and paste midi events like sustained chords and then cut the midi event, the sustained chords are still the same length even though the midi event has been shortened. I will give you an example:

midi event = 2 bars of sustained chords.
I want to use it for 1 bar in the next phrase
I copy and paste it and shorten the midi event
The event is shortened but in the editor the notes still remain and play sustained.
The solution is to edit the new event and resize the notes but it would be much easier if I didn’t have to do that.
Note: I also notice that arpeggios and things that are not sustained sometimes continue to play even though the midi event is shortened too.

  1. Is there a way to recall the previous state of a VST instrument or undo a patch change?

Example: I’ll duplicate an instrument I’m already happy with for a new layer or new melody all together and begin working on that sound. I think I’m working on the newly created instrument but often I find that I’ve been editing the old instrument track. Or worse of all, I’m editing a completely different instrument all together (like my bass instrument instead of the duplicate pad instrument I just created) and I completely lose the sound I created.



  1. The MIDI Note is played back until its end, even if the MIDI Note Off is out of the MIDI Part. The only one way is to shorten the MIDI Notes. Instead of shorten the MIDI Part, you can also Cut it. Then the MIDI Notes will be cut too.

  2. I’m confused if you are talking about the sound (settings of the VST Instrument) or the MIDI data in the track.

Hi there

I’m pretty sure there is a preference somewhere to decide if splitting a part also splits the notes it contains, sorry if I’m mistaken, not in studio atm.

Best Regards, Dave


I’m also not with Cubase now, but I’m quite sure, there is no preferences for this. This is one of the basic editing concept in Cubase:

  • Split = destructive change, so you change the data. Even if you extend the MIDI part after, you can’t see the data which were the before.
  • Resize MIDI part (use the left/right bottom corners) = non-destructive editing. You don’t change the data, you just choose, what part of the data you want to see/hear/send (to the MIDI device). So if you cut be reducing the size of the MIDI partand you extend the size after, you can see the origin date back.

Correct, there are two Preferences for splitting MIDI notes and MIDI controllers. You can assign them to key commands if you want to turn these on/off when needed.