Is there a special upgrade price from SL10 One to SL10pro?

Hi everybody, just wanted to make sure I am not missing out on something. I got Cubase 13 pro a couple of days ago and installed the Spectralayers 10 software that was bundled with Cubase. After Starting SL10 there appeared a sort of a nag screen that says that this is not the Pro version and the Pro version needs a separate licence/activation.

So, I assume that if I want to use SL 10 pro I would have to purchase a separate licence for it.
Question: Is there a special upgrade price for people already in possession of the SL10 One version when they want to upgrade to the Pro version or do they have pay the regular price?

BTW I also use RX10 which I read somewhere allows for a special crossgrade discount. Without wanting to appear too greedy, I just wanted to check whether or not there might be a combined upgrade/crossgrade discount available?

There isn’t a special upgrade price from SL10 One. The crossgrade discount from RX10 is your best bet currently.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, much appreciated!
I think I will first get the trial version of SL10 Pro and just have a look how it compares with RX10 in terms of stem separation.
I just watched a few videos on YouTube where different guys did extensive comparison tests between SL10, RX and other programs (Acon, RipX DAW pro, ALAL.AI etc)
Outcome: Most of the time, SL10 pro provided better and cleaner results than most of its contestants - however, the results depend on the source material. In some songs, SL10 was hugely better than the rest of the, in some other songs it delivered good results but comparable with the competitors.
If it works noticeably better than RX10 on my own recorded material (RX10 delivers mostly disappointing results here), this will definitely be something I could imagine cross-grading to, eventually.

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