Is there a Steinberg VST SDK Forum?

I am getting into Plug-in design and a forum for the SDK would be useful…

Also, if I was to make an emulation of a piece of hardware, would I have to pay the company of the hardware some sort of licensing fee/share of profit or is it fine to just sell it anyway?

I would like a SDK forum also!

Me too, actually.

There are abstraction libraries written on top of it, like VST.NET ( with documentation in the meantime.

Nerds! :laughing: :wink:
Nah, love you guys really…



I think an SDK sub-forum would be useful. But does SB want yet another forum to moderate?


I too would be interested. I haven’t started developing yet but I might very well in the near future. I would like to read up and have a place to ask questions.

I think you would have to pay to use a brand name. Or workout some sort of agreement/licensing. But that’s a good thing if a lot of people like it or use it…

I don’t think it costs anything to model or emulate a given piece of gear. Only if you want to use the brand name or other trademark of a given company.
Line 6 did this with most if not all of their models (guitars, effects, amps, etc.) - simply giving them a different name and only referencing the specific gear (model specifics and vintage) in the description.

I know this is an old thread… But it seems the VST SDK forum still does not exist ? Correct ? Because, definitely i think it would very useful and…i would even say “mandatory” :slight_smile: