Is There A Tempo Change And Vol Change Function In Cubase 7?

Okay, here is my situation.

I composed a piece in Finale 2012. At the end of the piece, the last 2 measures, I programmed a Rallentando. When I saved it as a MIDI file, the tempo change did not carry over to cubase 7.

So, my question is, is there a way to program a Rallentando in Cubase 7 itself? I know that with my hardware MIDI recorder (Roland something or another) I was able to go into it and enter tempo changes. it was tedious but it could be done.

How do I do this in Cubase? Can I do this in Cubase? I don’t play live (compose in Finale) so playing and manually slowing down is not an option.

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

Create tempo track and draw the slow down.

Thanks. While I have you, how do you record volume changes to a track without having to hook up a keyboard with a volume pedal and transfer CC7 messages via the pedal? If that’s the only way, cool, but if there is a way to “draw in” volume changes that would be great.

You can use an automation lane to automate the CC. You could also use a Controller lane in the MIDI part. If you are not familiar already, you will most likely need to spend a little time with the manual as it does get a little confusing (the difference between using automation for CC and controller data in the MIDI part).

Btw, as regards the rallentando in the MIDI File…
When you imported, did you use the option “Do you want to create a new project?”… normally, that will import any tempo changes (and make sure that, in the Transport Bar, that tempo is set to “Track” rather than “Fixed”). But if you choose to import into an existing Cubase project, make sure that, in Cubase Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Files>Import Options, you don’t have activated “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge”.

If you´re not familiar with MIDI in C7, check this, very worth.