Is there a trial version?

Dying to get my hands on this to have some questions answered about functionality.
I’d get on a trial in a heartbeat if I could find one.
Coming soon?

Yes, coming soon.

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thx for the response :slight_smile:

Man, I can’t wait to try it out.
After leaving Studio One partly due to their Show Page (their live option) getting no love, I’m super excited bout VST Live…You can’t even automate plugin instruments in Studio One’s showpage :confused:
Well that and other things they refuse to address in general (or they will years from now).

I read the VST Live documentation and it looks it exists. Hope I’m right.

The trial version is now available here: Try VST Live Pro now for 30 days | Steinberg

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Dude…Yeah! :slight_smile:
I’m only now seeing this response BUT I already have it installed and a song going lol. I may have happened to check the page the moment it went live haha.
It’s going good so far…a couple little hiccups and I have questions but I’ll definitely scour the forums for answers first.
Pretty excited about it and I’m only about an hour into using it.