Is there a trick to fading in/out in midi?

I recorded some drum beats of my own(about 2 bars) plan to repeat /duplicate them and then have them fade in and fade out at the beginning and end…my question is how?

You could use volume automation.

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I looked into that.finding the options in the lower left corner confusing…which one would make a fade in and which is fade out?

See if this basic video about automation helps.

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Thanks…that clears things up a little…it’ll take me 10 years to get as good as that but I will get what I need out of it. Never knew what read and write was or those hidden control panels because I have a small laptop that really doesn’t reveal things…again thanks and like I said I’ll store that tutorial and learn as I go…

I do hope you learn a bit more about “automation”. Using it is a basic function that will allow you to control almost any parameter available on any track and VST. Good luck. :wink:

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