Is there a user guide for VST Transit Join?

Got connected and able to sync projects, but can’t get a recording from the other side; can’t find any user guide or manual for the plugin.

In this specific case, Windows 10 at this end using VST Transit in Cubase 10.5.12, and Mac using Logic Pro X with VST Transit Join beta plugin at the other end. Can’t figure out how to get a recorded track from Logic back into the project. Must the track in Logic be re-recorded “into” the plugin from and then synced?

use drag and drop

The performer tried that but it didn’t work, but of course that could be user error. The problem is I can’t tell the performer what to do as I’ve never used the VSTJ plugin and don’t have Logic to play around with at this end. What the performer is asking is, why are there no instructions for using it (specifically with Logic)?

Hi, try this:

I’m surprised to learn that it works with Logic. I thought it didn’t accept VST3.

Yes, I’ve seen that but it doesn’t help, because it doesn’t show how to use the “VST Transit Join” plugin at the “far” end … i.e., in the the video, PT is used to “record into” VST Transit Join (AAX) and at the far end the iPAD app is used. In my case, I’m using VST Transit built into Cubase 10.5, and at the far end is Logic on OS X, using the “VST Transit Join” plugin.

“VST Transit Join” is also an AU. The installation, loading of the “VST Transit Join” (I think the AU plugin shows up as an “instrument” in Logic terminology), login and connection to my Cubase project all appear to have worked from Logic, and playback was possible. What I’ve been told by my collaborator is that it was not possible to “record into” the VSTi (as done from PT in the tutorial video above) and that drag-and-drop of a recorded track from Logic into the “VST Transit Join” VSTi also didn’t work. One other curiosity was that when a “region” was created in Logic, I saw it appear in Cubase as a folder track … so the funtionality appears to be there and working, but just not how we expected.

At that point with any other product I would “RTFM” to check what the expected behaviour should be, and to verify that we were attempting to use it properly. Hence the question … is there no user guide for the VST Transit Join, specifically, how to use the VST3/AU/AAX plugin in other hosts? (…and yes, I do see the word “beta” there :slight_smile:)

I am sorry. Logic does not support drag and drop media-clips to 3rd party Plug-Ins. Logic users need to export media.clips to the Finder. From there you can drag and drop it back to Join.

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I understood it to mean that you just record as normal into whatever daw on whatever end. Perhaps it’s not helpful to think of a ‘far end’…? On the other hand, maybe I’ve not understood your issue properly. Maybe I need to get out more (ha ha)…

I think you should be able to record into VST Transit Join when you seect Logic as track source, no?

Ah! That’s good to know!

The default track height inside the Join GUI does not show the necessary controls to enable input selection until you increase the vertical slider at the bottom right. I did not realise this until too late, so we will try this at the next opportunity.

In the meantime I have been experimenting with Reaper but drag-and-drop from Reaper into Join does not seem to work either, however I was able to play back from Reaper and record into Join in real time, so we should hopefully be able to get this to work in Logic as well, although rendering from Logic/Reaper with subseqent drag-and-drop from Finder/Explorer is probably quicker and easier.

Thank you all for your help – I think Join has great potential, because it solves a problem I had using VST Connect working in real time with a musician in a different time zone. With Join, we can each work during our normal waking hours :sunglasses:

Yes, but the problem was how to get the recorded track back, if drag-and-drop doesn’t work and the input selector is not visible … :laughing:

I’m having trouble getting audio in from Cakewalk now. I’ll tell you what, Steinberg, if you’re listening, that gui could use tool tips! What, for instance, is that brown thing between record and metronome? You can’t record enable when it’s on…


Just found the answer for this in another post from Spork about Bitwig (I got once my wrists slapped for linking across threads so I won’t…) and I copy it here because it’s related to here:

In VST Transit Join there is a button (record sync) in the transport toolbar, a brown one, next to the the metronome button. This one should be enabled if you want to record. Transit Join is then in sync with the host. That means : if you hit the record button in Bitwig, the record state in Transit will be activated, too.

I’m having a similar (I think) issue. Am able to load the project and get it to play in Logic X but cannot figure out how to get my track back into Transit Join.

Just use Join in the same way as you would an instrument in Logic, play along with it to rehearse, then record into Logic on a new Logic track in the normal manner. When you’re finished, render your recorded track to a new file, and in Finder, locate that file and drag-and-drop over the Join GUI. The drag-and-drop must happen from Finder, not from Logic.

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