Is there a video or manual for 7.5.2

(all in 32 bit mode in Mac Pro OS 10.8.5 Mtn Lion)
It would be nice to see an explanation for the mixer’s new stereo out / studio set up.
I was confused enough at the last (7.5.0) update for the mixers main/stereo out setups, now they changed it once again and need to be retrained. New big red dial, Mix, C1 choices, other stuff that’s not explained anywhere.

really could use the info on what the new stuff is for or ways to make good use of it…etc.
Did I miss something?

ALso, some weird behavior with the ‘About Cubase’ (I can only see some white text, very faint, it’s just not right).
I want to see the version number, but can’t see anything. Graphics for this is messed up.

And an anoying fly starting buzzing around, did that come with the update too? (just kidding, though the fly is real)…

Under Help/Documents there is a doc for 7.5.2 new features.