Is there a view in VST that gives drummer an easy START and STOP touch screen button

Multitracker has a nice feature and wondered in VST has it as well. A screen that shows a large START and STOP button feature for drummer to start and stop the song rather than a little bar on the left of the set list. Can it cue up next song automatically in this START and STOP view?


Hi @zenguitar168,

VST Live contains a lot of Actions (Transport Start, Stop, …). We are working on a feature to create your own panel for Action-UI-Items. I guess that’s what you are looking for?

… but I am not sure about that one? The Transport controls are on the bottom of VST Live.

… the next song are visible on the left side of VL. Did I miss something?


Take a look at Multitracker, if you are developing a panel of custom functions with actionable working buttons like “Start song”, “end song” for a touch screen ipad or laptop, then yes that is what I was asking about

Hi @zenguitar168 , do you know TouchOSC? Until there is something complex solution within VSTLive, meight be worth a try :wink:

I havent heard of TouchOSC, but I will look at it. Thank you!

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Also Touch Portal is really great, I use it for VL and Cubase…