Is there a warning when you reach CD Text Limits

I have had a couple of situations where I had more CD Text than is allowed. The only way I knew was when I put my test CD in a player or used the CD Text reader in The Mac Terminal program and no text appeared.

Is there a function in wave lab 8 or 9 that either gives you a warning or limits the CD TEXT to the standard allowed?

If you encountered the limits, I guess there’s no warning.

I never knew it was such a complicated limit spec.
The amount of CD-Text is limited to roughly 5000 bytes.

Maybe the easiest solution for you is to reduce the field sizes.
There is no warning if the size is exceeded.

My apologies PG. It does look like there’s a warning in Wavelab 9.1.0 that happens when you go to make a DDP (and I would guess a CD). It doesn’t happen when checking CD conformity. The warning is not there at all in Wavelab 8.5.30.

sorry, that was a typo “no” vs “now” :blush:
There is no possibility to have one, unfortunately.

Now I’m really confused. I don’t know if Gear added a warning without telling anybody, but I definitely got a warning that the CD Text limit was exceeded when I went to make a DDP in 9.1.0 from a montage that I added a lot of long CD Text to. Then I opened the same montage in 8.5.30 and made a DDP and didn’t get the warning.

What exact warning?

The warning is in Wavelab 9 only. The warning is not in Wavelab 8. The Wavelab 9 warning cancels the DDP and won’t allow you to make the DDP.

If it’s not a Steinberg warning, would the warning be in other languages, or Japanese CD Text?

But the warning should be good for CaliforniaChas, if he gets Wavelab 9.
Long CD Text Warning Wavelab 9.jpg

If it’s Gear, wouldn’t that mean the warning wouldn’t happen on Mac?

You stand me corrected. After verification, I added this warning in WaveLab 9.
This warning is issued when Gear tells WaveLab “Too much text to contain in a single block. The text has been added from most to least common and truncated at approximately 252 packs of 12 bytes”.