Is there a way I can Split audio based on Midi Notes (picture included)

Please carefully read my question because I know I’ll have a handful of people misunderstand. So just to clarify. I am NOT trying to create midi notes from audio.

I have a midi track and a kick track. I would like to use the midi track to automatically create splits in the audio track every single time that a midi note plays. The picture below shows what I am trying to do.

what would be the best way to accomplish this?


I can imagine something like this by using virtual MIDI port or a physical MIDI Loop.

Set up Generic Remote Device. Set it up so, that if MIDI Note (you are sending) comes in, the command “Split at Cursor” will be triggered. As an input of this Generic Remote Device, set your virtual MIDI Port, or the the physical MIDI Port you are going to use for the loop.

Set the output of the MIDI Track to the Virtual MIDI Port, or the physical MIDI Port with the loop.

Make sure the Audio track is selected, and the Audio Event is selected.

Start Playback.

Once the MIDI Note is sending, it also comes (via the MIDI loop) to the Generice Remote Device, which triggers the “Split at Cursor” function. Question is, if there is any delay.

Btw, it seems your MIDI Notes come pretty regularly. Do you know about this function…? Select the Split tool. Hold down Alt modifier, and make the split on the Audio Event. The split is copied with the same interval as it is from the beginning of the Audio event to the Split point.

The audio only looks regular because of the audio its based off of.

Do you have any more info about setting up a generic remote device, ive never even heard of that

also, delay wouldn’t actually matter as I could just select all the audio and move the splits collectively to compensate.


You can find the Generic Remote in the Studio > Studio Setup. Please the operation manual for more info.

It might be easier to edit manually (or create macros), as follows:

  • select MIDI part and open key editor in lower zone
  • link project and lower zone editors
  • step through MIDI notes using N key
  • each time you locate a MIDI note start, press insert key to add a marker in the project window
  • close editor
  • select target audio event in the project window
  • use Shift + N to locate each marker
  • use ‘split at cursor’ to split audio event


For the 2nd part, you could glue these two steps into one Macro.

… and steps 3 and 4 in the 1st part could go into a macro too… :slight_smile: