Is there a way in Cubase to change note velocities in real time with a CC via external controller?

Not the overall volume of the chanel (CC#7) but the individual note on velocities of the notes played or recorded. Like for recording midi from a keyboard without sensitive keys. Thanks.

You could add a MIDI Modifier insert and then map the “Velocity Shift” parameter to a MIDI CC, or use automation to control velocity.

  1. Go to MIDI Inserts for that channel and add a MIDI Modifier

  2. Set the insert to record into the timeline (Circled)

  3. Use quick controls, or whatever mapping preference you prefer to control set to
    MIDI Channel > Inserts > MIDI Modifers > Velocity Shift

The notes you play on that track should then record in at the velocity that you hold your controller at.

If you want to use automation line then you can map direct straight to
MIDI Channel > MIDI Modifiers > Velocity shift. (i.e. not the MIDI Insert version). This method won’t change the notes going in, but rather affect the MIDI data that’s already there.

Hope that makes sense.

It does make sense. Will it work in real time before the notes hitting the plugin or only during playback?

When you enable the record option on the insert your MIDI notes go through the MIDI Insert and then record into the timeline - so it should happen in realtime AND record into the timeline with the velocities you’ve varied.

Just make sure you use a MIDI Modifier on the MIDI Inserts, and not the standard MIDI Modifier that’s built into the channel. Little bit confusing, but the main difference is having that record button option.

So sorry, can’t get it to work. How do I link the Velocity Shift value to the CC messages I’m sending from the knob on my external keyboard? The QK Learn function doesn’t see to be affected by the CC messages I’m sending.

You have to first map your controller to quick controls, i.e.:

The learn function that you’re trying currently is when you learn a quick control to a plugin parameter. The above link is learning those quick controls to hardware - which you must do first.

Great, works flawlessly now. Thanks so much!

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