Is there a way of changing the designated Project Folder

Hey everyone,
Is there a way to change the designated Project Folder of a project already started/in use?
(this includes advanced stuff… i dont mind opening up xml files to change it…)


If you go to the new folder you have created for your project and double click the .cpr file. The file should open in Cubase. Cubase will then remember the new location upon saving. Try changing the default save location in preferences. Hope this helps.

Try File → Backup Project. That will make a copy of the project folder where ever you want.

Thanks, I’ve already tried that. However, doing that duplicates all the Audio files into the new Folder, which I have to go in and delete manually after that.
It’s definitely not the worst thing in the world, but I’m sure there must be a way to stop it from copying those files there. (the popup menu doesnt allow you to disable it)

(I’m basically using an existing finished project as a template for a new one)

You can have it not copy unused files in the project. Did you try that?


When the ‘project folder’ is not the folder you want to or the folder where the project is saved, because you have created a new project with ‘default location’ and choosed ‘save as’ to save it in an other location for example.
The best way I’ve found is to locate the ‘project folder’ and move all the files and merge all folders to the folder where your project is saved.
Then close Cubase
Then Delete the previous ‘project folder’
Reopen the project located in the new folder et voilà.

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  1. Open the project (in Cubase or by dbl-clicking on the .cpr filename)
  2. Find the path to the current project folder (Media/Pool Window) and remember it
  3. Close the project
  4. Find the project folder using your hard drive search utilities
  5. Rename the project folder (I just add “old” to the end of the folder name)
  6. Double-click on the .cpr project file
  7. Now, the file won’t open until designate a new “Project Folder”
  8. Once file is open and you are satisfied with the new Project Folder, you should save the file

Works for me.

Thank You, this worked for me.