Is there a way of cubase automatically changing the tool function in accordance with the zone your arrow is hoverin over

… so that you don’t need to remember to have to click on the zone to make the tool function active, it automatically does it itself?

the toolbar made to be contextually aware - is that the phrase?

Hi you, I am not aware of such an option. Good idea, though!

Maybe a feature request

There’s already a limited version of that in 10.5. If you click the little icon to the left of the select tool it merges the ‘select’ and ‘select range’ tools. Then when you hover over the top half of an event it’s in range select mode and when you hover over the bottom half it’s in select mode.


The problem is that although the cursor changes, when you move it to a different zone, the assigned shortcuts for changing the cursor are changing the (not visible) cursor of the selected zone which is often not the zone where the cursor is.

Exactly :+1:

I’m not following you. Could you explain what you’re talking about a little more step-by-step so I can reproduce what you’re describing. Sorry, if I’m being a little thick, but I don’t see it.

Sure, no problem, I’ll give an example:

Create a midi part in the project window, then select the object selection tool (the normal cursor)

Open lower zone to input midi notes, using the pencil tool.

Now move the cursor to the project window, notice the cursor changes to the object selection tool

Now select the eraser tool using the keyboard shortcut (default 5 I think)

Notice that the cursor doesn’t change for the project window but for the lower zone, even though the cursor itself was in the project window.

The thing is that this behaviour is somewhat of a workflow killer because you want to change the cursor for the zone it is actually in, but you accidentally change the cursor for another zone, ending up with two unwanted cursors…

Hope this describes the problem a bit better…

Very helpful - thank you. I see your issue clearly now. I wasn’t getting the lower zone bit. I think I see their logic, even though I agree with your viewpoint: if the lower zone is open it has priority/focus for keyboard commands.
I think an option in the preferences would be the best way to solve this. Some people might like the way it is, so having a choice would be a good way to go so that would be my feature request.

Option - Keyboard commands for cursor follow current cursor zone (should be active by default - let people turn it off who want the current behavior)