is there a way of previewing sampler track presets without loading them in to the sampler track first?

Previewing samples isn’t working for me here. I have control room disabled. Pressing on the play button in the right hand side bar media window doesn’t do anything.

also no sample waveforms show up in the preview window of the sampler track presets window. So i have no way of previewing sounds without loading them up first. Is this normal behaviour?


In the Audio Connections > Outputs, right-click to the bus you want to use for monitoring, and enable Main Output on it.

If you can’t see the waveform, I would say there is maybe even something more… Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Thanks- so the attached screen shot isn’t normal? There should be a waveform in the preview section ? Everything else in the media bay previews fine?


These files are Track presets, not audio files. Therefore there is no preview and no waveform.

Ah i see. So there’s no way of auditioning these sounds other than loading them up into the sampler first ? Ideally I’d like to just scroll through the sounds and preview them quickly to get an idea of which ones I like. Is there a way around this? Eg maybe finding out where those initial sample sources are located on the Mac and then preview them at source if that makes sense ?


These (what did you post as a screenshot) are not sounds. These are track presets, so the settings of the track.

Yes, you can do this with the Audio files.

Ahhh I see thanks. Do you know where Cubase keeps the sampler audio files on the Mac?


The original content is installed with Cubase Full installer and MediaBay scans them automatically.

Some content is stored in the system/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound,
some content is stored in the user/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound.

Thanks :smiley: