Is there a way of selecting/editing multiple automation points without creating "jumps"?

When selecting a couple of automation points on a curve and changing gain for all of them, there is a “range” applied that creates a jumps at the first and last points.

(While I can se situations where that is what you want) The old behaviour was that no new points were added and a soft transition with unselected surrounding points were maintained.

Can you still do automation edits like before somehow?

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To clarify. Selecting multiple automation points with the object selection tool also creates a range selection over the selected points. If I want a range selected, I’d use the range tool.

this is new behaviour (since N7 anyway) and doesn’t make sense or correspond with how the function is described in the manual. A Bug?

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Ok, I get it now. If you select multipe poinds and drag one of them you get the ”old” behaviour.

Really like the options you have now!


Awesome! I’m still not fully happy with this approach, how it reacts to these kinds of adjustment should really be an optional setting, but this sure was good news none the less :slight_smile:

Tack för tipset mon!