Is there a way of tidying up the VST plugins list?

Fortunately, this is possible with the VST 2.4 plugins, but not with any VST3 or Steinberg’s own.

When I want to choose an FX insert, the list that pops up is very messy. As mentioned, I have tidied up and grouped all my 2.4 plugins, but the Steinberg and other VST3 ones all show independently. Can I group them with my own choice?

Any info would be appreciated here.

You can’t.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Is there a particular reason for this? Has it been addressed before, and hence not a problem to others?

Just the way it is. Been discussed many times on the old forum.

Is there such a notion as (and please don’t laugh, anyone) as a feature request for Steinberg Cubase products? Actually, some things aren’t even funny, eh? Ah well…

Thanks again for the input, much appreciated.

It’s been feature requested many, many times.