is there a way to access and change a note absolute value ?

when using the info line for changing length I only get the relative value that correspond to the time signature , is there a way to access and change,copy, paste etc, the absolute value of a note in ticks?


You can hold down Ctrl/Cmd modifier to disable the Sand to the grid temporarily. Or you can adjust the value in the Info line.

the infoline present the length of notes relative to the time signature , the absolute value is not visible to edit directly but is obviously registered somewhere from which it is used to calculate the visible note length.

I want to compose in some unusual meter and need different tracks in different time signatures simultaneity , I can go back and forth changing the time signature when I need to edit but It would have been more useful if could use the absolute value for the notes instead.


In the Info Line, the length is shown as Bars.Beats.ticks…, if the Main ruler is set to Bars&Beats. If you set it up to the Timecode, or Seconds, or Samples, you will get the absolute values.

that is not helpful either since changing the tempo will change the time , what I’m referring to is the tick value - 480 for a quarter note 240 for eighth note etc - I want to insert and edit those values which remain constant regardless of signature or bpm change.

To me it sounds like you dont want cubase too change the note ruling, or simply put. -Translate it for you in a given bpm/signature. So you can memories and use a set of tick values?

If this is what you want, You will have to put in a request.

It would have been helpful if the infoline would also provide length value in ticks like in classic Yamaha hardware sequencers in addition to its translation of bpm/signature.