Is there a way to add bars before measure 1?

I’ve written a song and I want to add an intro to it, but my song starts exactly at measure 1.
Is there a way to insert measures before bar 1 so I don’t have to move everything to the right?

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Hi there

Pretty sure not, but just use the insert bars function which moves everything including tempo and time sig changes to the right with one click.

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Many thanks for your swift reply! :slight_smile:

You can offset the bar by +1, so the whole session starts at bar 0. Great for music with pick up notes or intro drum fills.

Yes you can, Select “Project Setup…” from the “Project” menu at the top (or use Shift + S) then set the “Bar Offset” to what you want. I usually use 4 (so my bars go -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc).


Or set snap-grid to bar, select all, and shift the lot by however many extra bars you want.

(Please note: I hope I am replying to everyone on the list, and not commenting on anyone’s particular post.)
Good heavens. When people give advice on how to solve a problem (and I acknowledge that people are being kind and taking their time out of their busy schedules to respond, but nonetheless) please be specific. When someone says: “just do this thing using this function,” please, for the love of the baby Jesus, tell us where to find said function, and how to properly use said function.

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