Is there a way to adjust harmonics symbol horizontal position on stem?

On up stem notes the harmonics symbol is too far to the right and overlaps the stem. Is there a way to adjust this? Thanks

I don’t think Dorico does this normally, have you edited the notehead in some way? In Dorico 4, you can check in Library > Notehead Sets, select the Diamonds category and then the corresponding notehead set (which I believe is White Diamond Noteheads).

If a notehead has been overridden, it’ll have a red triangle in its preview.

Failing that, please share the project here in this thread.

What does overidden do? How can I remove that as I have one white diamond 1/2 note with the red triangle. I had to edit these before to get the half note white diamond to be used for all note value harmonics.

White diamonds are the factory default for artificial harmonics…
To create a harmonic, just add the property to a normal note.

Use the revert button in Edit Notehead Sets dialog (it’s explained in the link in my previous reply, number 6).

I suspect you edited the attachment points to improve the position of the notehead when being used for whole notes/semibreves. You might consider instead having two noteheads, ostensibly appearing the same, but with different attachment points when being used for stemless notes ie whole notes.

Thanks, I was able to fix it using revert to factory.

Janus: they are the default but not what you get for a whole note which is what started this whole thing,.