Is there a way to automatically categorize plugins?

I know you can sort the plugins by vendor or by type, but the ‘type’ sorting options is usually incorrect and in my case even creates completely new folders just for one plugin. for example, some of my new plugins with into a random VST2 folder, some in VST3 and others went inside an “other” folder

How do i go about managing the plugins efficiently? I think it would be a good idea if the cubase community could submit which category they think plugins belong in & we can decide if we want our plugins to be sorted by “suggested” type. “suggested” being what other users have selected

Hi Qbaked

You can organise the plugins however you want:

(version 9, I know but that was the first google result!)

I’d be very reluctant to ‘crowd source’ my plugin categories :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks ill have a look into this.

Any reason why you’d rather not crowd source your plugin categories? What is it was an optional thing? or a box that pops up as a suggestion next to plugins. something like “people usually put this plugin into the XXX category”?

It seems like VST3 plugins have default categories. However even those are not always assigned in the same consistent way by the various plugin makers.

As a result I’ve been managing my own folder structure for plugins for quite a while. Although it’s not always as well organized as it should be. Musical taxonomy is hard … :grimacing:

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lack of faith in human nature :grinning: - in reality even the developers don’t always categorise them correctly. Some plugins don’t fit into categories easily, what is a ‘mastering’ plugin for you might be a ‘vocal effect’ for me. Some plugins are very niche and very few people would bother to categorise them.

I think you would get very inconsistent and less than useful results - best just do your own.

It’s a totally valid request - even if it’s not for me - suspect it’s unlikely to be implemented though.

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One thing folks can overlook is that you can create multiple entries for the same plug-in using the Plug-in Manager. For example I put my most go-to of go-to plugs at the very top, not in a folder so they are always near to hand. But those same plugs are also in their category Folders. Or all my compressors are in a Dynamics Folder, but that folder has a sub-folder that lists any that have a mix control. Also quite useful when a plug could fit multiple categories.

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