Is there a way to cancel a background operation?

I’m stuck while Dorico is “thinking”. The program is not hung: the pointer is a watch, not the spinning beach ball of death. It happened while I was undoing a simple operation and I don’t know why it has got in this state. Is there a way of “canceling” this background process? Or, at least, save?

Sometimes I get that watch, but it actually behaves as the pointer… Like a glitch between the two. Are you sure you cannot select anything with the watch?

Yeah, that happened to me sometimes, but I couldn’t do anything. Not even saving. It was actually ‘thinking’ and I had to force quit.

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I’d say it’s ‘not normal’ for Dorico to be ‘thinking’ for more than a few seconds, unless you’ve got the biggest score in the world with the biggest sample library.

I’d save the Diagnostic Report, and upload it here for the team to have a look at.

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True, how didn’t I think about it before! :sweat_smile:
Dorico (2.3 MB)
Since I think this is timestamped, this happened today around 18 or 19h Portuguese time.