Is there a way to change/move/turn off all notifications in the project window?

This came up because I was making a quick key to turn on/off event track names, and an opaque announcement comes on for too long telling me that I’ve done that, which can block what I’m doing. This happens with many things, and I would like to either turn them ALL off , or have them be almost instantaneous on/off instead of hanging out for so long and blocking things, or be somewhere off of the main edit window so they don’t ever get in the way of what I’m doing? It’s another workflow killer when you like to work fast.

Looked in the manual for notifications but couldn’t find anything, though I might be using for the wrong term for it. Also looked through Settings and didn’t see anything for this.

Try to turn off the tool-tips.

That turns it off for tools, but there are many other places where it remains unfortunately.