Is there a way to change note durations via QWERTY keyboard?

Just watched Greg’s video:

What would have really sped up score editing is the ability to change note durations via QWERTY (as it was in earlier Cubase Score versions). The current method of mousing up and clicking on a tiny note icon, multiple times in each bar, is very slow.

This new feature alone would have convinced me to shell out for the upgrade.

Oh, and the slur Greg drew is rubbish :slight_smile:


You can set Key Commands to change note durations.

Thanks TheMaestro, I dug a little deeper and found it! I was looking under score and not quantize.
I had to overwrite some others in the process, although I don’t want to overwrite T for toggle quantize triplet.

On the subject of ‘Tiny Note Icons’ is there any way via Options to make that toolbar bigger, even wearing glasses I struggle to see the notes on that toolbar on my monitor set to default resolution.

Quite agree…there’s enough black space above the note icons to triple their size. I tend to look at the quantize value.